Global View – H S A (Consultants and Public Accountants)


Beyond technical acumen, our professionals are steeped in the market sectors they serve and share the same entrepreneurial philosophy as our clients.

Our keen understanding of industry trends and challenges permits us to anticipate and respond to opportunities for our clients that might otherwise go untapped.

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We appreciate our clients’ interests and objectives in their markets, and we transform data into meaningful business insights.

Our Philosophy


our most important assets are our people and our reputation. We are committed to excellence, both internally and externally.

For this reason,

we encourage and invest in the training of our people and in continuing education to further develop their professional abilities. In return, we require that our professionals use their talents to achieve and maintain total client satisfaction.

As a firm,

we are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our trademark service. Foremost among these is the commitment of our partners and staff to look beyond the numbers and see the opportunity, challenges and solutions in every engagement.

Creativity, innovation, and teamwork are important facets of our approach to business.

We insist on giving our clients individual attention and achieve this by listening to our clients and communicating with them openly, promptly, frequently and effectively.

Because of our genuine desire to help our clients improve their operations, we take a proactive approach to their business. We remain objective and unwavering in our commitment to excellence and our commitment to investing in our people.

As a client of GLOBAL VIEW, you can expect:

- Personalized service and customized solutions.
- Broad-based business, government, and financial experience.
- Proactive services that are timely and consistently high in quality.

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Our Team

Hanna, Suzy and Ashraf;

owners of Global View - HSA had a proven history of success in responding to clients' challenges and needs. Their continuous process of improvement and development ensures they meet the demands of their clients.